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Suboxone Treatment

For the first time in dealing with the drug epidemic, qualifying doctors have the lawful option to utilize and endorse narcotic (Opioid) medication (Suboxone) to treat narcotic / drug dependency and reliance in an effort to protect the suffering addict. This can all be accomplished in an office-based setting.

Suboxone is the first narcotic drug endorsed for the treatment of drug/narcotic dependence in an office-based setting. Suboxone additionally can be apportioned for “bring home use”, similarly to some other medication for other ailments.

Buprenorphine (Suboxone)is a partial opioid agonist, its opioid effects are limited compared with those produced by full opioid agonists, such as oxycodone or heroin. Suboxone also contains naloxone, an opioid antagonist.

At the point when Suboxone is put under the tongue, as directed by your trusted staff at Evolve Suboxone in Chattanooga, very little will actually enter your bloodstream. What the patient feels are the impacts of the buprenorphine.

Suboxone, use properly with the assistance of Evolve Suboxone Chattanooga can help with:

  • The agonizing pain of detoxification from opioid dependency.
  • Assist patients who are attending 12 step meetings and other recovery programs.
  • Reduce the physical desire to use drugs and give the patient the ability to restrain from the desire to use.

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